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We offer dental services to cover  basic services such as x-rays and exams as well as premium coverage which covers expanded services such as gum treatments, orthodontics and crowns.

DeltaCare® USA

DeltaCare® USA is a copay plan in which enrollees select a primary care dentist in the DeltaCare USA network, similar to a dental HMO. The plan features set copayments, no annual deductibles and no maximums for covered benefits. In some states*, DeltaCare USA is offered as an open access plan where enrollees can receive treatment from any licensed dentist; however, deductibles, co-insurance and maximums may be applied for services provided by an out-of-network dentist.

Delta Dental PPOTM*

Delta Dental PPOTM is a coinsurance plan that gives enrollees the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, but they’ll usually get the deepest discounts by visiting in-network dentists. Outside of the low-cost PPO network, enrollees may also enjoy moderate savings with the Delta Dental Premier network.

To review coverages, please click on the links below:

  1. Delta Dental Basic Plan

  2. Delta Dental Premium Plan

  3. DeltaCare USA Plan

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